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Master Quilter

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Master Quilter

This 40wt 3-ply polyester is a longarmer's dream!  Soft and supple to the touch, completely lintless with a fantastic cotton sheen, and crafted specifically for high speed machine quilting and multi-directional sewing, Master Quilter is ideal for longarm, midarm, and domestic sewing machines and gives a perfect stitch quality even at high speeds.  When teamed up with a DecoBob Pre-wound Bobbin, it makes for the ultimate quilting experience.  It is conveniently available in 72 colours on 2743m (3000yd) cones so that you have the perfect tools for your project from start to finish.

Usages:  Free motion quilting, long arm quilting

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Master Quilter -- MQL-42 3000yd, Nude


Master Quilter, 3000yd, Black -- MQL-03

$12.35 $19.00

Master Quilter, 3000yd, Dark Sky Blue -- MQL-51

$14.17 $21.80

Master Quilter, 3000yd, Soft White -- MQL-02