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Kimberbell DECEMBER Fill in the Blank Program -- Seasoned With Love

Kimberbell DECEMBER Fill in the Blank Program -- Seasoned With Love

Spice up your kitchen with Kimberbell's Seasoned with Love Pie Carrier!  Kimberbell's December Fill in the Blank project features a whimsical wreath, applique banner, and the sweetest of sentiments.  Stitch on an Embroidery Felt background, add a pinch of Embroidery Leather for the salt and pepper shakers, and transform a Buffalo Check Tote into the darling pie carrier!  Whether you're taking baked goods on the go or simply looking for a great gift idea, Seasoned with Love is just the right recipe.

Kimberbell's blank buffalo check totes come without the side seams sewn up so it's easy to hoop the bag itself, then add the adorable embroidery.  The edges are serged too, so the bag won't fray when you finish the side seams with a simple straight stitch.  17" x 25"

DECEMBER 2021 FILL IN THE BLANK PROMOTION:  When you purchase this month's blank, we will share the exclusive "Seasoned with Love" design with you for FREE.  Also, included in your bundle are the embellishments needed to complete the project as pictured, and optional participation in our FITB Club, meeting in the Studio on the third Saturday afternoon of December (following the Kimberbell Embroidery Club in the morning.)

If you're purchasing through this website, we will ship you the blank and embellishment bundle, and share the free design via email, so don't worry if you're not close by.

This month is the final project in the Fill in the Blank Program.  Watch for Kimberbell's new Digital Dealer Exclusives Program, beginning in January!