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Kilts & Quilts by Patience Griffin
for Banyan Batiks

From traditional yarn dyes to modern big and bold, these plaids are hand painted with incredible colour combinations.  The most common breed of sheep in the Scottish Highlands is the Scottish Blackface.  Multiple hand done processes are used to create these adorable sheep!

Award-winning author Patience Griffin has gain recognition with her September 11th Story Quilt which has toured the U.S. as the property of the Pentagon.  She has a Master's Degree in Nuclear Engineering, but spends her days writing stories about hearth and home, and dreaming about the fictional small town of Gandiegow, Scotland.

To pass the time on long drives, she got hooked on audio books -- especially romance novels.  Within a couple of years, she was writing stories of her own.  It was no surprise to her family and friends when she combined her love of quilting, her small town roots, and her obsession with her Scottish heritage.

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Banyan Shadows - 81300-76


Blame It On Scotland A Novel by Patience Griffin


Feeling Sheepy Pattern -- PTNB0139


Gandiegow Christmas Tree Quilt Pattern -- PTNB0138


It Happened In Scotland A Novel -- by Patience Griffin


Ketan Batik Blender -- 81000-740


Ketan Batik Mixer -- 81000-125


Ketan Batik Mixer -- 81000-310




Kilt In Scotland Novel by Patience Griffin


Kilts and Quilts -- 80393-44


Kilts and Quilts -- 80390-44


Kilts and Quilts -- 80393-30


Kilts and Quilts -- 80395-92


Kilts and Quilts -- 80396-34


Kilts and Quilts -- 80396-74


Kilts and Quilts -- 80397-74


Let's Get Sheepy Pattern -- PTNB0155


Some Like It Scottish A Novel by Patience Griffin


The Accidental Scot A Novel by Patience Griffin


The Laird And I by Patience Griffin -- by Patience Griffin


The Trouble With Scotland A Novel by Patience Griffin